Francis Vallejo guides you through understanding the Reilly Method and how you can use it to easily create realistic faces.


This video course has been produced exclusively for Pencil Kings and is specially designed to help you make real progress with your art.

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Meet Your Instructor

Ringling College graduate, Francis Vallejo, is an artist and illustrator with over 10 years’ experience. He’s an assistant professor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and recently completed a picture book on Harlem Jazz published by Candlewick Press. His video courses help explain fundamental and advanced art skills in a fun, easy-to-follow style, and are packed with useful resources and study guides.


Learn how to draw faces using the Reilly method – the ‘go to’ formula for generations of professional artists and illustrators.

Watch This Course and Learn:

  • How to construct the face using Reilly Rhythms
  • The anatomy of the face and the important muscles to remember
  • Lighting techniques for added realism in your drawings
  • How to draw the face from any angle

Get full lifetime access to this complete video course including all resources and homework assignments.

Course Lesson Plan

(click the modules below for full details on each one)

Module 1: Introduction and Anatomy of the Face

Module 2: Drawing the Neck

Module 3: Rhythms of the Face (the Reilly method)

Module 4: Planes of the Face (the Mike Mignola method)

Module 5: Lighting the Face for Added Realism