From Complete Beginner
to Advanced Artist

The Three Challenge Bundle is the Simplest Way to learn how to draw. It gives you 100% of the training you need to start creating amazing drawings including all sorts of figures shaded to perfection in diverse perspectives…you’ll be creating breathtaking drawings in no time. 

Together, these courses normally sell for $290, but you can get it for FREE for 30 days when you join Pencil Kings today. You’ll get complete access to all the course content for the Figure Drawing Challenge, the Shading Drawing Challenge, and the Perspective Drawing Challenge.

What You’ll Get

Figure Drawing Challenge

You’ll get access to a complete 30 day plan that takes you from drawing stick figures all the way to drawing posed figures in perspective.

  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate artists
  • Add shading & draw from your imagination
  • Learn perspective drawing at lightning speed

Shading Drawing Challenge

After you go through this premium course you’ll be able to shade anything that you create to give you that realistic 3D effect you’ve been looking for.

Perspective Drawing Challenge

Learn to add a realistic sense of depth in your drawings using easy to learn rules and formulas. Get ready to draw vehicles, buildings, rich environments, and landscapes.

+ PLUS...

Clear Video Instruction

You’ll get access to hours of video content produced by professional artists who have helped thousands of artists like you advance their drawing skills.

Take Action

Complete the daily assignments and continue to build your figure, shading, and perspective drawing skills. The exercises ensure your skills will improve quickly – even if you’re a beginner.

What People Are Saying

These courses have helped me become so much more confident in drawing the full figure. So grateful for you all putting this together!

Nathan Bowen

Awesome Pencil Kings!! I have gained tremendous confidence in sketching gestures!!

Mriganka Bhuyan

Thank you guys, the challenges have been an awesome experience!

Miriam Truffa Giachet

These challenges have really helped me get back into gesture drawing.

Robert Dominguez

About the Authors

Sycra Yasin

Sycra is the instructor for the Figure Drawing Challenge, and author of many of Pencil Kings’ most popular courses. Sycra helps artists worldwide with his popular videos chronicling his journey as where he breaks down complex art topics into easy to follow steps.

Mitch Bowler

Mitch is the founder of Pencil Kings. Over the past 15 years he has worked as a special effects artist for film and a technical art director for the video game industry working for clients like Activision, EA, Paramount, Warner Bros. He currently works to help artists worldwide to make the most of their creative abilities.

Satchel Winn

Satchel is the instructor for the Shading and Perspective drawing challenges.  These challenges take what’s learned with the Figure Drawing Challenge and build on that by learning to shade and create believable 3D characters, and then placing them inside environments.

Figure Drawing Challenge


Shading Drawing Challenge


Perspective Drawing Challenge

It’s time to take your drawing skills to the next level with three proven 30 day plans to get you confidently drawing figures, shading, with complete perspectives fast. These three premium courses are beautifully curated to give you deep insight into all the fundamentals of drawing.