Are You Cut Out to Be An Artist?

This 60 Second Quiz Will Help You See If You Have What It Takes as an Artist, Or If You Should Give Up

The life of an aspiring artist can be rough. 

It's often a career path that is initially encouraged at a young age, but as we grow up, we're told things like.

But the truth is that real people just like you are making a living as an artist all over the world. It's a common and viable career that can allow you to do the work that you're passionate about every single day, and be able earn a great living off of it.

But don't just assume that anyone and everyone is cut out to be an artist...

It takes a lot of grit, courage and confidence to actually make a living as an artist, but for the ones who do, it can be an incredibly rewarding career choice, or just serious hobby.

We have created a quiz that can help you personally determine whether you're cut out for art, and should continue with it seriously. It's by no means an absolute yes or no on whether you should ever do art, it's just a quick calculation on if you're on the right track towards becoming a real artist.

Are you ready to spend 60 seconds to see if you have a future in the art world?